Dragon Lady Beauty
Dragon Lady Beauty


Not Just About Pretty Skin…

…Skincare -- there’s a stigma of vanity, insecurity and superficiality. What most people don’t see is that beauty and mental health are inextricably linked to one another. It is true that skincare is also caring for the person as a whole. Beauty goes beyond our outer appearances. By taking care of ourselves, the whole health of our being equally radiates, making us feel and look our best. For many, participating in a beauty ritual like getting a facial treatment or applying makeup can actually benefit and calm the nervous system. In recent years, researchers across the world have quietly made advances in understanding the interplay between the nervous system and the skin. Although, causes of skin conditions such as acne and eczema are multifactorial, often times they are related to stress.

As someone who’s been challenged with bipolar disorder for most of my life, I can attest that relaxing activities have tremendously helped me overcome my suffering. This is why I’ve tied this awareness to every aspect of my work because chances are, there’s not one person out there who hasn’t dealt with mental distress.

Facial massages and treatments not only rejuvenate and repair the skin, but they also tap into the parasympathetic nervous system by allowing the body to fall into a deep rest without the distractions of daily life. During this time, your cells receive the nutrients they need through the movement of blood and lymph caused by massaging the skin. Therefore, helping you to be silent and listen peacefully for any unhealthy patterns or habits that were unnoticeable through all the noise. This tranquil time is just for you; take pleasure in the freedom from your troubles. Together, a peaceful mind and massage will encourage rehabilitated skin and mind. Even though we cannot control every facet of our emotions, we have full control over routines that can help to manage everyday stress to maintain the balance of our physical and mental health. 


Why It’s So Important…

…THE SKIN…it’s a flexible shell covering our body that we wear as identity, decorate with tattoos, apply layers of products on, bake, shave and wax—for beauty and comfort. But we often neglect that it’s an organ, the largest we have, and a unique habitat. On the surface, it’s home to bacteria and microbes of sorts to protect you. Underneath the surface, it’s a complex world of order and busy cells—our skin runs a tight ship!

In order for it to survive, it needs to be nourished, protected, and properly functioning. Unfortunately, the skin can easily be negatively affected, and if too much over time, it interrupts the biological process that can cause (at the lightest) dull-looking skin and (at the heaviest) problematic diseases. Research has shown that the skin constantly communicates with the brain, and can influence the skin’s immune cells through various receptors and chemical messengers. Research also suggests that chronic negative stress can disrupt the function of the skin's permeability barrier, which normally keeps out harmful substances and prevents the loss of fluid from skin cell layers. This is thought to be a major factor in many skin diseases.

This is why I prioritize skin health above everything else (regarding skincare). Without functioning skin, our whole body isn’t in perfect harmony, because that notion is dependent on the proper functions of our major body systems working together—it’s all connected. Through my work, I’m not solely focused on helping people achieve perfect skin or cheat aging…I want to know if your skin is healthy! And healthy may not look like the airbrushed quality skin expectations, but you’ll have your own version of “perfect skin” and you’ll age comfortably. What’s real to me is the genetic traits of your healthy skin being nourished, protected and most importantly, cared for.

Our skin is the living breathing organ on display when we’re walking down the street. Because it’s the outermost layer of us, it reacts to our external environment (climate, pollution, etc.), then affecting our internal environment (brain, liver, etc.) making us feel good or bad. So, if you are seeking true wellness because you want to feel good and live a happy life, focusing on the health of your skin is just as important as the health of your heart or gut.