Makeup for girls who want to look like themselves and be healthy doing it…

MU - application

As a practitioner inspired by mental health and holistic practices, my makeup style is also influenced; I believe that daily makeup should be minimal with consideration of our whole well-being. When I’m applying makeup on one’s face, I pay attention to the roadmaps being presented; I listen to the story that the skin and facial features are telling me and I respect it’s continuing journey without altering face shapes and curves. Makeup should be playful and celebratory, not masking and shadowing. It’s an expression of yourself, how you’re feeling and where you’re going to go.

The integrity of the ingredients and brands of the makeup products I use are so important to me, because our skin is a living, breathing envelope that absorbs and processes what we put on it. That’s why all of the products I use go through a rigorous review for quality and safety. Knowledge of the integumentary system is crucial for understanding the long-term effects of toxic makeup products you may be putting on your face everyday, so less is always better. But when you have glowing healthy skin, you’ll have no use for foundation and concealer — goals!

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$115 - $175 (tax not included)
1 hr. - 1hr. 15 mins.

MU - Class

Want to learn how to choose the best non-toxic makeup products for your skin and how to apply it? In this private class, I’ll break all of that down for you while I guide you through your personal makeup application. Makeup is all about chemistry and the reaction of certain ingredients with your skin type. This is especially true when it comes to “organic” or “natural” makeup, because without the preservatives, stabilizers and other chemicals, it feels and acts differently on the skin than with conventional makeup products. So, in order to achieve the look you want, you’ll have to take a look at your type of skin and what conditions it may hold. I’ll walk you through that and give you the proper information you need. During this class, you’ll also learn how to apply makeup on yourself using color theory, lighting and brush techniques.

$250 (tax not included)
1 hr. 30 mins.